Get Your Free Copy of my New Book!!


Hi there!I hope you have had an amazing week!!  Here's the scoop about your post-Valentine to's really exciting!!!!! Exciting, hey?!!  So, on Friday, February 21st - you'll be able to get the Kindle version of my new book … [Read more...]

#10 Be the Energy You Need to Be

top10 be the energy

Hey there!  Happy New Year!! Finally, here's the first instalment of the individual 2014 Top 10 Law of Attraction Tips and we're going to start with #10 and countdown to #1.     As I mentioned in the video, I'm about to go … [Read more...]

Attraction in Action Toolkit


Attraction in Action Toolkit The LIVE program is over but you can get immediate access to all of the recordingsof this extremely powerful program!!  This is so new I don’t even have a graphic for it yet! That’s how cutting edge it … [Read more...]

Is Overnight Success a Myth?


Hi there! When I started my business I believed in overnight success. As a Law of Attraction practitioner I absolutely know that quantum leaps can happen in a moment. I have seen it happen more times than I can tell you. Sustainable success seems … [Read more...]

90 Day Breakthrough Coaching


 In the next 90 days you’ll see these changes:   You will know what’s stopping you from having more success with Law of Attraction.You will have specific, just-for-you tools that you can use to break through YOUR specific blocksYou will know how to … [Read more...]

Two Minute Tidbit – Time & Money


Hi there - Happy June to you!! Do you feel like you have enough time and money in your life?  Did you know that most of us will put our money first over our time? Here's how you know - do you spend your days working at a job you don't like?  If you … [Read more...]

Two Minute Tidbit – Say No


  Hey -- a couple of weeks ago I did a video about Saying Yes and as soon as I finished it and sent it out I realized that I was only speaking to a segment of the population. The people that don't say yes enough in their lives. Funnily … [Read more...]

Two Minute Tidbit – Say Yes


Hey there -- this past week I had the fantastic opportunity of inviting our local TV crew in to my home.  It was a spur of the moment event and I grabbed it! Also on the spur of the moment, I did a Two Minute Tidbit video about the concept of asking … [Read more...]

iTunes Superstar – Global Okanagan Segment

global shoot

This week I celebrated iTunes 10th Birthday with over 15 million downloads of 'The Law of Attraction Tips' podcast.   I've had the good fortune to be in the Top 10 in Self-Help for over 6 years now!  Woohoooo!!! Check out this segment recorded … [Read more...]

Two Minute Tidbit – Boundaries at Work

twominApril8 - Copy

My personal rant this week is seeing too many people working too many hours and not getting what they really want from their life.  In this short video, I share with you a tip or two that could help you start to shift your work life into one that … [Read more...]